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Event Dr. Hua Tang
Learning Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits Across Populations
Event Volatility estimation for stochastic PDEs using high-frequency observations
Event Francois Bachoc
Consistency of stepwise uncertainty reduction strategies for Gaussian processes
Event Franziska Grundner-Culemann
Inference of biogeographical ancestry from SNP data -- an evaluation of selection methods and classifiers on a variety of SNP data sets
Event Dr. Jana Naue
Chronological Age Determination for Forensic Applications using Random Forest Regression and DNA Methylation Analysis
Event Prof. Dr. Johanna Ziegel
Higher Order Elicitability
Event Dr. Christiane Fuchs
Understanding Biological Processes using Stochastic Modelling
Event Prof. David Siegmund
Detection and Estimation of Local Signals
File Prof. Dr. Sebastian Ferrando
Folie zum Seminar am 30.10.2017 - Prof. Dr. Ferrando
Event Prof. Dr. Josef Teichmann
Affine processes in mathematical Finance
Event Prof. Dr. Rainer Dahlhaus
Cointegration and Phase Synchronization: Bridging Two Theories
Event Prof. Dr. Leonhard Held
Building a Statistical Model: The Endemic-Epidemic Modelling Framework
Event Prof. Dr. Sebastian Ferrando
Trajectorial Models based on Operational Assumptions
Event Feier zum 30-jährigen Bestehen des FDM-Seminars
Event Dr. Michael Hoffmann
On detecting changes in the jumps of arbitrary size of a time-continuous stochastic process
Event Johannes Hertel
Linking differential equation modeling to population statistics in metabolomics - insights from general population data for statistical analyses and study ...
Event Prof. Ph.D. Juan-Pablo Ortega
Time-delay reservoir computers: nonlinear stability of functional differential systems and optimal nonlinear information processing capacity. Applications to ...
Event Prof. Dr. Peter Kohl
Computational Models as Drivers of Cardiac Research
Event Prof. Dr. Ingo Steinwart
(Localized) learning with kernels
Event Prof. Dr. Thomas Brox
Deep Learning
Event Dr. Amke Caliebe
Forensic DNA Phenotyping
Event Dr. Blanka Horvath
Short-time near-the-money skew in rough fractional stochastic volatility models
Event Prof. Holger Dette
Statistical methodology for comparing curves
Event Dr. Johannes Lederer
A General Framework for Uncovering Dependence Networks
Event Prof. Dr. Christoph Becker
Value, Size, Momentum and the Average Correlation of Stock Returns
Event Prof. Moritz Diehl
Nonlinear Optimization Methods for Model Predictive Control of Mechatronic Systems
Event Dr. Kolyan Ray
Asymptotic equivalence between density estimation and Gaussian white noise revisited
Event Prof. Cristina Butucea
Quantum statistical models and inference
Event Prof. Peter Pfaffelhuber und Peter Czuppon
Noise in autoregulated gene expression
Event Stefan Feuerriegel
Statistical learning and patient trajectories in healthcare analytics
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