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Event Prof. Isaac Sonin
Optimal Stopping of Markov Chains, Gittins Index and Related Optimization Problems
Event Jacobo de Uña-Álvarez
Nonparametric and semiparametric estimation of a distribution function under random double truncation
Event Kristin Ohneberg
Event Ronald B. Geskus, PhD
Censoring and truncation: inverse probability weighted estimators of survival
Event Prof. Dr. Svetlozar Rachev
Risk management, Modeling Volatile Markets and Forecasting Market Crashes
File pre106
File pre105
Event Dr. Markus Pauly
Über die Qualität von Permutationstests für unbalancierte, heterogene Zweistichprobenprobleme
File Abstract Nicole H Augustin
Page Projects
File Ausleihliste
Event Nicole Augustin, PhD
Modelling Obesity as a function of weekly physical activity profiles measured by Actigraph accelerometers
Event Dr. Oldrich Vasicek
The economics of interest rates
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Event Prof. Claudia Czado
Konstruktion von multivariaten Kopulas und deren Anwendungen
File pub_2010-03
File pub_2010-02
File pub_2010-01
Event Dr. Lars Kaderali
Integrated Survival Analysis based on global Genomic and Gene Expression Profiles
File pre103
Event Torben Martinussen, Ph.D
Estimation of direct effect for survival data using the Aalen additive hazards model
File pre102
Page previous semesters
Event Mag. Dr. Alexandra Graf
Model selection based on FDR-thresholding; optimizing the area under the receiver; operating characteristic curve
Page FDM seminar
Event Istvan Z. Kiss, Ph.D.
Electrochemical oscillations and chaos on macro- and microscales: phase diffusion, synchronization, and pacemaker design
Event Prof. David O. Siegmund
Detecting the Emergence of a Signal in a Noisy Image
Event Dr. Wolfgang Huber
From genomes to phenotypes - statistical applications in transcriptomics, high-throughput RNAi and microscopy image based phenotyping.
Event Dr. Giovanni Puccetti
Risk aggregation: New techniques and new problems
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