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Page Experimental and statistical experts join forces
File pre101
Event Prof. Gerard J. van den Berg
Critical Periods During Childhood and Adolescence: A Study of Adult Height Among Immigrant Siblings
Event Prof. Dr. Eva Lütkebohmert-Holtz
Improved Modeling of Double Default Effects in Basel II - An Endogeneous Asset Drop Model without Additional Correlation
Event Prof. Dr. Roland Fried
Folder Seminar
Event Dr. Michael Öllinger
Methodological problems in studying higher cognitive functions with EEG
File FDMa-Toolbox
Page so09
File Dietmar Pfeifer
File Thorsten Kurz
Core facility genomics: Versatile genome or transcriptome analyses based on quantifiable highthroughput data ascertainment
File Alla Bulashevska
Bioinformatics solutions using R and Bioconductor
File Martin Schumacher
Data analysis workflows and the role of the FDM in design, obtaining data, preprocessing and the statistical analysis
File Clemens Kreutz
Processing of highdimensional data for mathematical modeling
File Harald Binder
Statistical techniques for linking highdimensional molecular data to complex clinical endpoints
Folder High-dimensional omics data
Page High-dimensional omics data
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Folder EEGData
Folder Epi
Folder TimeSeries
File abstract - Mikhail Urusov
File Logo - high definition
File Logo und Text 2
Folder Uni
Image FDM mit Text
Image FDM ohne Text
Folder FDM
Folder Logos
File pub_2009-10
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