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Event Christian Gourieroux
Generalized Covariance Estimator
Event Dr. Werner Ehm
Geometrisch-optische Illusionen und Riemannsche Geometrie
Event Franziska Grundner-Culemann
Inference of biogeographical ancestry from SNP data -- an evaluation of selection methods and classifiers on a variety of SNP data sets
Event Prof. Isaac Sonin
Optimal Stopping of Markov Chains, Gittins Index and Related Optimization Problems
Event Martin Gütlein, David Vorgrimmler
Developing Prediction Models and Visualization Tools for Predictive Toxicology
Event Dr. Amke Caliebe
Forensic DNA Phenotyping
Event Prof. Eric Renault (CANCELLED!!!)
Identifying Volatility Risk Price through Leverage Effect
Event David Glavind Skovmand
Roll-Over Risk in Benchmark Rates
Event Tim Litwin
Inferring 3 Parameters from 2 Data Points
Event Francois Bachoc
Consistency of stepwise uncertainty reduction strategies for Gaussian processes
Event Max Nendel
Asymptotic parametrization of Wasserstein balls and perturbed Markovian transition semigroups
Event Lena Kulla
On a Mystery in Machine Learning
Event Dr. Jana Naue
Chronological Age Determination for Forensic Applications using Random Forest Regression and DNA Methylation Analysis
Event Johannes Hertel
Linking differential equation modeling to population statistics in metabolomics - insights from general population data for statistical analyses and study ...
Event Dr. Christian Fleck
Agent-Based Modelling of Single Cell Variability of CRISPR-Cas Interference and Adaptation
Event Rémy Degenne
Adaptive Testing: Bandits find correct answers fast
Event Kristin Ohneberg
Event Fabio Mercurio
Libor transition: Facts and Modeling Challenges
Event Prof. Dr. David Siegmund (Stanford University)
Segmentation and Estimation of Change-Points
Event Prof. Dr. Svetlozar Rachev
Risk management, Modeling Volatile Markets and Forecasting Market Crashes
Event Prof. Claudia Czado
Konstruktion von multivariaten Kopulas und deren Anwendungen
Event Jun-Prof. Jonathan Henshaw
How much of a covariance is causal?
Event Dr. Johannes Lederer
A General Framework for Uncovering Dependence Networks
Event Prof. Steven Vanduffel
Value-at-Risk aggregation under uncertainty
Event Dr. Markus Pauly
Über die Qualität von Permutationstests für unbalancierte, heterogene Zweistichprobenprobleme
Event Volatility estimation for stochastic PDEs using high-frequency observations
Event Prof. Dr. Thomas Brox
Deep Learning
Event Prof. Dr. Ingo Steinwart
(Localized) learning with kernels
Event Merle Behr
Learning compositional structures
Event Prof. Martin Wolkewitz
Statistical phenomena in hospital epidemiology: Challenges for statisticians and clinicians
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