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Event Prof. Carsten Dormann
Process-guided neural networks: a case on domain adaptation
Event Prof. Tonio Ball
Deep Learning for Brain Signals
Event Prof. Hannah Bast
Query Construction and Question Anwering on Knowledge Bases
Event Dr. Daniela Zöller
Federated analysis using different cohorts - are we comparing apples and oranges?
Event Prof. Dr. Christoph Becker
Value, Size, Momentum and the Average Correlation of Stock Returns
Event Prof. Dr. Johanna Ziegel
Higher Order Elicitability
Event Prof. Moritz Diehl
Nonlinear Optimization Methods for Model Predictive Control of Mechatronic Systems
Event Pau Formosa-Jordan
Plant multicellular dynamics: from patterning to developmental transitions
Event Lasse Heje Pedersen
Machine Learning and the Implementable Efficient Frontier
Event Prof. Harald Binder
Deep dynamic modeling with a small number of time points
Event Prof. Rolf Backofen
Machine-Learning in the Context of CRISPR Research
Event Prof. Dr. Thorsten Schmidt
Knightian uncertainty in Financial Markets
Event Patrick Dondl
A phase field model for soma-germline interactions in Drosophila oogenesis
Event Johannes Brutsche
Sharp adaptive similarity testing with pathwise stability for ergodic diffusions
Event Dr. Moritz Hess
Deep generative approaches for omics data: interpretability and sample-size constraints
Event Dr. Michael Hoffmann
On detecting changes in the jumps of arbitrary size of a time-continuous stochastic process
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